National Science Week 2021

To help celebrate National Science Week, 14-22 August 2021, Australian Organic Schools is making available a complete lesson from the new AOS program! The content drop on Healthy Soil is available for everyone, whether you’re registered to the program or not you can access this FREE download.

This Healthy Soil content drop comes from Unit 3 of the AOS program: Get Growing. This lesson sample contains all background information, timed lesson plans, scaled worksheets and practical guide for students from Foundation to Year 10!

To make the most of this lesson, National Science Week is offering a variety of events and AOS is offering one of them! Research and Education Officer Amy Stewart with take participants through the complimentary download from AOS on Monday 16 August. Amy, will explain the specifics of the AOS program and unpack some different ways you can run this lesson in your classrooms.

Click the link to register for the FREE event or search for Australian Organic Schools via the National Science Week website.